The Premier League are making various ‘Broadcast Enhancements’ for football’s return behind-closed-doors, so let’s take a look at all of them.

mikel arteta v charlton

Football returns to England on Wednesday night, but behind-closed-doors without any fans in attendance. The Premier League are trying to fill that gap as best they can, with a number of ‘Broadcast Enhancements’ planned.

Stadium Dressing

All 20 stadiums will have a wrap covering seats in the lower tiers designed by their club. The aim is to improve the environment visually and acoustically, and by getting all 20 clubs to participate they’re hoping for some consistency too.

Music at Key Trigger Moments

This one is optional, but clubs can use music at kick-off, after goals and after substitutions if they so wish. Obviously, this only applies to the home club. It would certainly be strange hearing an Arsenal song blasting out after a goal at the Etihad (he says optimistically).

Crowd Noise

The Premier League decided against crowd noise inside the stadiums. However, fans watching on TV at home can choose to have EA Sports Atmospheric Audio on or off for the game.

Fan Video Feeds

Live video feeds with 16 supporters from each stadium are available for broadcasters and for clubs to use on their big screens. How much those feeds will actually feature in the TV coverage or in the ground remains to be seen.

Celebration Camera

“Where feasible”, broadcasters will identify a celebration camera for players to head to after scoring. Presumably, this is to help them still have some sense of celebrating with the fans.

Tunnel Camera

Fans will be able to watch the build-up to the matches through a tunnel camera, but without any audio. Probably a good idea to avoid accidentally catching a player saying something they shouldn’t when they don’t realise they’re on screen.

Coin Toss Audio

Broadcasters will capture the audio from the coin toss. I know, I know, contain your excitement. This is one of those things it’s just much easier for them without a crowd drowning out the sound.