Pape Gueye may not join Watford FC after all, after his agent claimed the club’s official announcement this week was ‘a mistake’.

Pape Gueye of AC Le Havre (Photo via
Pape Gueye of AC Le Havre (Photo via

Pierre-Henri Bovis, the agent and lawyer representing Pape Gueye, claims the player never chose Watford. Earlier this week, the Premier League club announced the signing of the midfielder – previously linked with a summer move to Arsenal.

At the time, that seemed like the end of the matter. However, Bovis is arguing that they may have to take legal action after Gueye’s previous agent Bakari Sanogo misrepresented him.

“Gueye believes that Sanogo acted in his own interest, not that of the player,” Bovis said. “Pape never chose Watford. Bakari Sanogo had spoken with Watford and negotiated the contract which was provisionally signed. That’s all!

“I found abnormal elements in this case, which could mean that I bring it to court. I would like to discuss this contract with Watford, but if we do not go further in discussions with them, we may be forced to take legal action.

“For the moment, we are in talks with the club.”

Bovis also confirmed that he’s in talks with AC Le Havre, Gueye’s former club.

The lawyer claims there are irregularities that could invalidate the contract. He alleges there is evidence to suggest discussions took place with Watford before January 1st. That’s illegal without permission from Le Havre.

It’s clear that Gueye is either unhappy with Watford or the terms they’re offering. If he wasn’t, there’d be no need to make a fuss over details like this.

Perhaps he was hoping to join another club, with Arsenal reportedly in the running before the recent announcement. Maybe he just wants more money. It’s all very messy either way.