Premier League players have been warned against posting lavish pictures of themselves in self-isolation as the predictable and tiresome backlash over footballer’s pay takes hold.

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There are many rich people in the UK that the government and press could take aim at but, when the time comes for it, it is always the Premier League footballers who get it in the neck – not the men who inherited stolen wealth passed down through the generations or the millionaires and billionaires who have exploited tax laws and workers to make their fortunes, no, it’s the self-made (usually) working-class lads who are to blame.

According to the Daily Mail in their Monday edition, a source explained: “The players have been made aware that there are people out there who do not have so much as a medicine ball in their houses, let alone a gym, so if they start posting videos from their 100-metre long driveways or sprawling back gardens, it may not be the best look.”

Do you know what isn’t ‘the best look’?

The government lying to people about the spread of this virus while they encouraged people to carry on as normal and ‘take it on the chin’.

Footballers enjoying the fruits of their success isn’t really high on the list of priorities for most people right now and I heard few critisice the Queen as she gave her useless speech to the nation with £1bn worth of jewels on her dressing table.

Still, those footballers, eh?