None of the Arsenal squad rejected the pay cut, simply requesting time for further clarification before coming to a decision, according to various reports.

Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal celebrates with teammates after scoring his team's first goal which was given by VAR during the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and West Ham United at Emirates Stadium on March 07, 2020 in London, United Kingdom.
LONDON, ENGLAND: Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal celebrates with teammates on March 07, 2020. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Various reports are confirming that none of the Arsenal squad rejected a pay cut, as such. They simply requested more time to assess the situation and come to a decision.

Goal report that players who haven’t given their full backing to the 12.5% cut yet are still in talks. The feeling is that they may well fall in line once they further clarify the situation. They want to know exactly how the money will be used and what Arsenal’s financial situation is exactly.

The AFC Bell report that no player at Arsenal rejected the proposal categorically. However, a number of players requested time and further clarification before agreeing.

The Guardian claim the proposal remains on the table for the small number of players not already on board.

The Independent write that Mesut Özil, one of the players reportedly yet to agree, isn’t ruling out taking a pay cut in future, depending on how things play out. ESPN report a similar line, claiming Özil just wants assurances over the club’s plans.

Essentially, every outlet appears to be on the same page. No one is completely against a cut, they’re just not there yet. Arsenal reached this point faster than any other club, it makes sense not every player would’ve made their decision yet.