Granit Xhaka is continuing to make the most of spending time with his family, uploading a video pranking his daughter with a taste of lemon.

Granit Xhaka with his daughter (Photo via Xhaka on Instagram)
Granit Xhaka with his daughter (Photo via Xhaka on Instagram)

With the football off, Arsenal players are currently stuck at home like the rest of us. Granit Xhaka already brought us one heartwarming family video during his isolation, as his daughter said her first word on camera.

This time he was being a bit more mischievous with her, giving her a little taste of a lemon.

For those worrying about Xhaka’s daughter, calm down for a minute. The vitamins and nutrients from lemons are good for a child, and the citric acid would only cause problems in larger doses. For example, if he was giving her a lemon a day.

As a one-off fun prank, this isn’t going to cause problems. Obviously, you want to limit it to a small taste the first time, in case of an allergic reaction.

We don’t even know if this was the first taste though, so keep all that in mind before running to the comments!