Mauricio ‘won nothing’ Pochettino is reportedly being advised, by his friends, against taking the Arsenal job because he should wait for a better one.

That’s right.

The mates of a man who said he’d rather work on his pig farm in Argentina than manage a club that has won more in the last six years, when they were rubbish, than he has managed his entire career, think he’s too good for Arsenal.

Sunday Telegraph, 1 December 2019

Pochettino, for some reason, is on the Arsenal managerial shortlist according to journalists, even though the likelihood of Arsenal getting him to cross London seems slim, at best.

I suppose you could make an argument that he might actually win something with Arsenal but I’m sure that’s what people said when he moved up a level from Southampton to Spurs. Yet here we are, five-and-a-half years on, with two cup final appearances to brag about and not a whole lot else.

I mean, he can hardly boast about finishing above Arsenal if he’s managing them, can he?

In reality, if his friends really are his friends, they’d tell him the truth.