Lukas Podolski is on the hunt for a new club after revealing that his contract in Japan will not be renewed.

lukas podolski sumo 2
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Lukas Podolksi is looking for another adventure.

The man who embraces the local culture wherever he goes, headed out to Japan in 2017 after two years in Turkey with Galatasaray.

“Now the conversation is no charge to me from the club so far,” Podolski said. “Therefore, the end of the year will probably end my career in Japan. I have already started searching. I studied the market a little bit, and I was worried.”

Podolski recently missed a large chunk of playing time after an ear infection required surgery. Although he’s now back, he will not be doing that in Japan after the end of his contract which expires at the end of January.

“I did not only have ear surgery,” he added. “At the same time, I had viruses in my body. I could not train for a long time. I returned to the team a few weeks later and I could come to myself. Everyone who knows me, I will always show my face.”

Poldi would be keen on a return to his former side, FC Koln, but it appears as if that might be unlikely. “This always includes two sides that want that,” he said. “Unfortunately, [it] was different in the past.” The 34-year-old is clearly aware that the club are not interested.

Where he will end up, you never know, but if I had to guess I’d say we will probably see him in the States sooner rather than later.

Quite possibly the most interesting thing about all this is that when I was looking up some Poldi stats I saw that Arsenal had sent him on loan to Inter Milan where he made 18 appearances and I seem to have no memory of that whatsoever…