Arsenal’s squad market value is higher than ever, but they still have the lowest total value of all the top-six clubs, according to analysis.

via Transfermarkt
via Transfermarkt

Transfermarkt produce graphs of a club’s squad market value over time, based on their analysis of each player’s individual value.

As you can see above, Arsenal are on an upward trend over the last decade. The website currently put the squad’s value at €690.8m, the highest it’s been despite a drop at the start of the summer as certain contracts expired (Aaron Ramsey).

By comparison to the other big-six clubs, it’s not rising fast enough though.

From Manchester City’s €1.28bn squad, which is almost twice Arsenal’s total, to Manchester United on €753.3m, all of them are ahead of the Gunners.

via Transfermarkt
via Transfermarkt

It is worth pointing out United and Chelsea have actually dropped since this time last year.

To an extent, this is a problem that could resolve itself in the near future. Arsenal have a lot of young players who currently aren’t valued very highly, but who could rise up very quickly in the coming seasons.

Players like Bukayo Saka are already making a difference, as the winger is currently the highest-valued player in any Premier League u23 squad on the website, at €7m. You’d imagine that could rise a lot higher if he keeps up his form.

Bukayo Saka (Photo via Twitter / ArsenalAcademy)
Bukayo Saka (Photo via Twitter / ArsenalAcademy)

Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur are at risk of a huge drop next summer. Christian Eriksen is valued by Transfermarkt at €100m on his own, so when his contract runs out next summer that’s a big blow for the club.

Add €40m Toby Alderweireld and €22m Jan Vertonghen and the club are set to lose 18.3% of their total value in one go. By comparison, Arsenal are set to lose Matt Macey and maybe Dani Ceballos, a drop of 6.6% maximum.

All the same, the financial figures outline the need for Arsenal to keep pushing behind the scenes to catch up with their rivals.

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