Jens Lehmann believes the Arsenal management don’t know what direction to take after losing the Europa League final in May.

Jens Lehmann

“Arsenal lost the final of the Europa League,” Lehmann said. “Of course, winning it would have been a good thing. Their end of season was disappointing in the Championship. They could still hang in third or fourth place. The club is in a situation where nobody knows what direction to take.”

On the surface it’s hard to disagree with his sentiments. A restricted budget, allowing Aaron Ramsey to leave for nothing, and a general feeling that nobody has a clue permeates the club.

But, like Jens, we don’t know what’s actually going on inside the club and any verdict on our direction should be saved until the window is closed and we see what they are actually planning.

Lehmann was working as an assistant coach at FC Ausburg after being allowed to leave Arsenal when Arsene Wenger was shipped out.

He was sacked with Ausburg in 15th place, just outside the Bundesliga relegation places, but very much in danger of being relegated.

“It was my first firing in football,” he said about it all. “At least no one can accuse me of disloyalty.”