It was recently revealed that Mesut Ozil sent a load of kits to kids in Kenya and now a video has emerged of them arriving.

ozil kenya shirts
via Nairobi News

Mesut Ozil gifted jerseys and boots to an entire young football team in Kenya with all the shirts bearing Ozil’s name and number and, in gratitude, the team renamed itself ‘Ozil FC’.

In March, Ozil sent another young fan in Kenya one of his shirts after the herdsboy was pictured wearing a homemade Ozil shirt on the streets of Nairobi.

Now you can see this latest batch arriving:

“I have received many phone calls (from people who have been following this story) and he (Masira) deserves what he and his teammates are getting from the Arsenal player,” the original boy’s grandmother told Citizen TV at the time.

“After he sent the first stuff, I sent him the video and the photos of the two boys – Lawrence and his brother receiving the shirts. After a couple of days he reached me again saying he would want to send more shirts and boots to the team he plays,” said sports journalist, Eric Njiru who originally spotted Lawrence Masira and tweeted a picture of the boy, tagging Ozil. He is the man in the video above.