Tony Adams has admitted Arsenal are like an ‘ex-wife’ to him nowadays, and whilst he’s happy to see them doing well, he’s not attached to them like he used to be.

tony adams
Tony Adams

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph in quotes published on Monday, Adams talked about his life over the past few decades, from his drinking problems to management and beyond. Inevitably, the topic of how he feels about Arsenal today came up, but the former Gunners captain wasn’t exactly gushing with affection about his old club.

“I describe it as being like an ex-wife,” Adams said. “I love to see her doing all right, and if she’s not, then I’m sad. But I’m not attached any more, mentally, emotionally or physically. I got divorced and have a beautiful wife, so I’m living the dream. I have to let it go – it’s not for me to say ‘ooh I’m not sure about their new boyfriend’.”

The Daily Telegraph 1st April 2019
The Daily Telegraph / 1st April 2019

Every Arsenal fan will be aware of the strong connections Adams had to the club as a player. He spent his youth career in North London, followed by 19 years of senior football before his eventual retirement.

In that time, he won the league four times, the FA Cup three times, the League Cup twice, the European Cup Winners’ Cup, the Community Shield twice and the Football League Centenary Trophy, as well as a host of individual awards.

The problem is, Adams has never had that same link to Arsenal since ending his playing career. He admits he still sometimes feels like he should be managing the club, but he knows that’s not realistic.

“If I ever have a really bad day, if I’m feeling irritable, disconnected, fidgety, bored, looking out the window – the feeling that used to make me drink or go out and play football – if I don’t meditate or run or go for meetings, I think, ‘Ooh, I really fancy playing or managing again’,” Adams continued.

“And I think, ‘Why am I not managing Arsenal?’ But it’s like why am I not managing Littlewoods? It’s not reality.”

Unfortunately, with Adams’ record as a manager so far, it’s never likely to become a reality. That shouldn’t take anything away from the former player’s achievements on the pitch, but it seems he’s just not suited for managing.