As we reported back in January, Sven Mislintat is hoping to get another job in the Premier League after leaving Arsenal.

190401 daily mail sven mislintat
Daily Mail 1 April 2019

There had been reports that the transfer guru would be heading to Bayern Munich when he left Arsenal, but the German giants quickly dismissed these rumours.

There was plenty of speculation about where he would go but Raphael Honigstein reported he believed Mislintat would try and stay in the Premier League.

Speaking to the Transfer Talk podcast, Bundesliga expert, Raphael Honigstein said, “There’s no secret that Bayern have made attempts to lure him away from Dortmund in the past.

“The rumours came back when the story broke that Mislintat was leaving the club.

“It’s my understanding there’s no real concrete contact and no possibility of this happening anytime soon.

“The position that he would have wanted at Bayern is not available at the moment. They don’t have that kind of space in the organisation

“It’s my understanding he sees his future at the Premier League at a different club.

“He’s had a lot of offers before moving to Arsenal so this should not seen in my view as a result of Bayern Munich trying to lure him away or doing something that changed his mind or turned his head.

“This is really completely independent and only is to do with his relationship with the other people at Arsenal.”

Now, as you can see from the article at the top of this post, the Daily Mail are reporting that Mislintat wants to stay in England.

There has certainly been a lot of misinformation around his departure with the club seemingly trying to get ahead of the ill-feeling it generated amongst fans.

There were media reports that Unai Emery was exasperated with Mislintat for not doing all he could to land James Rodriguez which was a fanciful story for a number of reasons. A number of reporters have seemingly also been fed lines by the club with stories emerging of Mislintat’s ‘lone wolf’ tendencies.

Whatever has gone on behind the scenes, none of it has been a good look for Arsenal.

Writing in an excellent piece about the state of Arsenal, Hytner says, “The sense of unease has been swelled by the looming loss of Aaron Ramsey to Juventus as a free agent at the end of the season for reasons that are impossible to disconnect from finance.

“Then, there is Sven Mislintat, the head of recruitment, who arrived from Borussia Dortmund in November 2017. He has grown so frustrated that he has decided to quit; he is expected to leave after the closure of the January window.”