When Arsene Wenger first said that the top four was like a trophy he was not only widely misquoted but also roundly criticised across large sections of the media.

mystic weg

Fast forward seven years and the Daily Fail are finally admitting he was right, mostly because they’ve been trumpeting Mauricio Pochettino’s claims that top four is worth more than a trophy and is more important to him.

And doing it all with a straight face.

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Daily Mail 12 March 2019

Mystic Weg has often been so far ahead of trends in football he has been accused of being ‘out of touch’ or simply just nuts, but it is not him that is any of these things – it is the people paid handsome sums to supposedly explain this game called football and put events into context.

Wenger previously predicted his side could go through a season unbeaten, that transfer fees would dry up and players would move on a Bosman more often and that money would destroy football.

It’s hard to argue with him on any of these. No wonder FIFA reportedly want to employ him.