Tottenham Hotspur will have to forgo a DVD opportunity after being been blocked from opening their new stadium against Arsenal, as they had dreamed of doing, because of security fears.

spurs dvd

The best stadium never to open in Europe is already delayed by more than six months, has gone way over budget and the club still can’t tell its fans when it will host its first match.

They had been aiming for the Arsenal game on 2 March because they can do nothing without thinking about Arsenal first (loads of their ‘original’ ideas for the stadium have been nicked from the Gunners) but that won’t be happening.

According to a report in the UK media ‘overstretched police chiefs and security staff vetoed that idea.’ They are reportedly concerned about the pressures of a local derby adding to the large numbers expected to grace the opening when it finally happens.

Spurs are expected to give another update about their stadium in a couple of days.

They’ve already landed in a spot of trouble with the Advertising Standards Agency over their ad that promised their new stadium would be the only place to watch Champions League football in London this season.

the only place to watch champions league ad tottenham
Will they see any football here this season?

Darren Boyle, an enterprising Arsenal fan, contacted the ASA about its misleading nature.

This was their response:

Thank you for contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Your Complaint: Tottenham Hotspur Ltd

I understand from your complaint that you felt that Tottenham Hotspur’s advertising was misleading because the stadium in the ad has not yet been completed and therefore it is unlikely that fans will get to see Tottenham play at the new stadium in the Champions League.

We have concluded that the ad was likely to have breached the Advertising Rules that we apply and I am writing to let you know that we have taken steps to address this.

We have explained your concems to the advertiser and provided guidance to them on the areas that require attention, together with advice on how to ensure that their advertising complies with the Codes.

Comments such as yours help us to understand the issues that matter to consumers and we will keep a record of your complaint on file for use in future monitoring.

Thank you once again for contacting us with your concerns.
Kind regards

Boyle told Daily Cannon when we asked him why he had contacted the ASA, “I contacted the ASA because I felt it was my public duty to inform them of this egregious breach of advertising standards and they agreed with me.

“The homeless crowd from Middlesex made claims that they could not substantiate. Some might say that I am quite petty in making that complaint, although I feel this is unfair.

“There could be impressionable children out there looking at these ads and making lifetime choices.

“If I save one child from becoming a Tottenham fan and suffering a lifetime of disappointment, then it will be all worthwhile.”