Arsenal’s third kit in the 2019/20 season will be blue, as Adidas plan to stick with traditional colours for the three strips in their first campaign back with the club.

Arsenal 2019/20 Blue Third Kit
Arsenal 2019/20 Blue Third Kit

According to the latest leaks from FootyHeadlines, Arsenal will wear a blue third kit next season. The above image is only for illustrative purposes though, and even the exact shade of the new kit isn’t known just yet. All we know for sure is that it’s not going to be black or mint green, but rather a return to blue.

The leak comes just days after it was confirmed by the same source that Adidas are planning to bring back the classic ‘Bruised Banana’ away kit for next season. Though the kit will undergo a modern redesign, it will reportedly be a tribute to the old shirt. That shirt will be predominantly yellow with navy, and the Adidas logo and trims will be red.

yellow kit
Adidas bruised banana

Obviously, there are no doubts about the colour of the home kit, red. As a result, we already know the colours of all three strips for next season. Now it’s just about waiting for further leaks of the final designs, before the official release date in July 2019.

We’ll probably get an official announcement at some point too, but those are becoming increasingly pointless, as everyone sees the kit long in advance.