I don’t know about you, but to me, Mauricio Pochettino is starting to sound a little bit like Jose Mourinho but without a single trophy to back up his mouth.

Daily Mail, 5 December 2018
Daily Mail, 5 December 2018

Ahead of the Carabao Cup quarter final on Wednesday and with his arse still stinging from the spanking Unai Emery gave it just a few weeks ago, Poch wants Arsenal to show the shadow dwellers a little more respect.

His issue? That Arsenal players celebrated in their dressing room and posted some selfies, something I’m sure none of his team would have done had they managed to win the game.

This isn’t even the first time he’s complained about it as you can see in the image above.

“Of course it hurt because it is a derby but, in case we win, it is going to be the same,” he said. “It is not to be disrespectful – I think they weren’t respectful to us. They showed their happiness for their fans from the changing room but that is fair enough.”

So, he’s so annoyed that the Arsenal players didn’t show Tottenham any respect that he is going to make sure his players do exactly what he is criticising Arsenal for, should they win on Wednesday.

Superb logic there, Poch.

Just two weeks ago Pochettino said,  “Obviously if you win a trophy like I did (he won one -ed) when I was a player, it is time to celebrate.

“Of course, show the fans you are happy, it’s fantastic — but when you win something special.

“I accept people need it. It is how you feed your ego and I accept it is a new world. But I am of the older generation and, personally, I don’t like them.

“This is my mentality. I accept new technology but I try to keep a bit of that away.”

Yet here he is, planning to celebrate a Carabao Cup win.

I keep saying they are the only team who thinks this is a real trophy. Well, them and Jose.

For the record, if footballers of any team celebrating a win over their rivals annoys you, or you think it has no place in the game, you’re a miserable sod who must get little joy from life.