Arsenal’s players have run more miles than any other team’s in the Premier League, proving Unai Emery right in his promise from earlier this year.

The Daily Mail compiled running stats for every Premier League side earlier this week, with Arsenal coming out on top with a season distance of 1,003.4 miles. Tottenham Hotspur were their closest competitors, on 996.68 miles, whilst Cardiff were bottom of the list with 906.15 miles.

The data suggests that Emery is fulfilling a promise that he made to Arsenal supporters back in May. When asked whether he could lead the club to the biggest trophies, the Spaniard responded:

“I don’t promise today we will win, but I can promise you we will work hard, will work together, will work with emotion, demanding to find all the objectives.”

If nothing else, the stats show that the Arsenal players are certainly working hard. They prepared well in pre-season and have seen the benefits of that preparation with consistently solid second half performances.

It’s no surprise that one of the fittest teams in the league keeps finding a way to win matches when their opponents tire later in the game. Nonetheless, it’s still a learning process, and it’s unfair to expect Emery to get everything right in his first year.

Hopefully, by next season Arsenal will be combining physical fitness with a better understanding of the type of football the coach wants them to play, and that’s when things will start to come together for the team.