Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski revealed some particularly embarrassing stories about former Arsenal goalkeeping coach Garry Peyton, in a joint appearance on a Polish show this week.

The two ex-Arsenal goalkeepers spoke to Polish outlet Przeglad Sportowy this week about a number of topics, including their time spent in North London. When asked about Peyton, the pair didn’t have many positive words to say (translated by this Reddit user):

Interviewer: With Gerry (Gerry Peyton) was it a typical English locker room?

Fabianski and Szczesny: No, not really.

Szczesny: Let me give you an example of a thing where you’ll laugh at first, but then you’re like ‘I’m playing for Arsenal, is this for real?’. Before the match with Chelsea, I hear: ‘Watch out. When Hazard takes his penalties, he will shoot at the opposite side of where you will dive.’ That’s funny, but then you’re like ‘Did he really just say that?’

Fabianski: Mentioning penalty analysis, he (Gerry) used to say: ‘Listen, he shoots that side or that side, but best go with your feeling.’ So, he shoots here and there, but do whatever you want, more or less.

Szczesny: One time we had a GK debriefing out of nowhere…

Fabianski: …and it was a video debriefing, we have never done video before.

Szczesny: We’re going not knowing what it will be about, right? And it’s a 4-5 minute video of goals that I let past me, but could have done better.

Fabianski: It’s only Szczesny goals though…

Fabianski and Szczesny: They were only Szczesny’s mistakes, but there was us and Vito (Vito Mannone) and Emi (Emiliano Martinez) watching, maybe?

Szczesny: So, we’re watching, but we dont know what is going on. It’s just showing errors, he (Peyton) is not explaining anything. So the video ends and Garry says: ‘See, you’re not perfect’. And that was it. We’re all looking at each other like ‘oh’.

Although the show was clearly a bit of light-hearted banter, rather than a serious discussion, it emphasises just how poor the goalkeeping coaching was at Arsenal before this summer. If the coaching was generally positive, Szczesny and Fabianski would say so, rather than just highlighting the worst moments.

This is no surprise either. For a while now there have been rumours about the way Arsenal goalkeepers felt about Peyton’s coaching, this just confirms those stories.

Thankfully, Unai Emery brought a new coach with him in Javi Garcia, and Sal Bibbo also joined the club in July 2017 after Szczesny’s departure. Hopefully, the pair will do a much better job with Bernd Leno than the former coaches did with Fabianski, Szczesny and the rest.