Sky Sports have published an article and the only reason seems to be to have a laugh at Arsenal.

Arsenal, as we all know, have not been good this season in the first halves of games.

Thankfully, after the first half finishes, Arsenal have another 45 minutes – also known, controversially, as the ‘second half’ – in which to try and turn things around. It’s far from an ideal situation but it could be worse.

sky sports halftime table2
Sky Sports

Like if games ended after the first half.

That’s what Sky Sports’ Martin Tyler has come up with.

‘Jamie’ from Barnsley asked Tyler “Where would Arsenal be in the Premier League table if games finished at half-time?” to which the Sky Sports commentator replied, “Remarkably they would be battling against relegation!”

I hate questions like this.

Where would Arsenal be if only goals from players with a Z in their name counted? Where would Arsenal be if they could only field players born in London? Where would Arsenal be if their opponents always scored more goals than them? Where would Tottenham be if only clubs who had won the league in the last half-century were counted?

It’s stupid. Apart from that last question, which is clearly an important one.

Games don’t end after 45 minutes and, if they did, I dare say Arsenal would adjust themselves accordingly and just be rubbish for the first 22.5 minutes of games instead.

It was a stupid question – and I’m not even sure ‘Jamie’ is a real person.

That didn’t stop Sky Sports who even compiled a halftime table.

sky sports halftime table
via Sky Sports,

Thankfully, the Premier League table operates on full matches.