Reiss Nelson’s market value has shot up after his recent performances for Hoffenheim, as the Arsenal loanee starts to make his name in senior football.

Over the weekend, Nelson scored his third and fourth goals for his loan club, having only made four appearances for the side so far. The buzz around him hasn’t gone unnoticed by, who increased his transfer value from €400k to €7.5m.

What with Nelson’s new Arsenal contract and the premium on English players at the moment, he’s probably worth even more than that in reality. An 18-year-old scoring regularly in one of Europe’s top-five leagues would surely spark a bidding war if he did end up on the market.

Nonetheless, it’s good to see the youngster’s progress recognised more widely. Fans will often look to these sorts of market valuations, rightly or wrongly, as a way to evaluate the Arsenal academy, or how much faith the team should put in a particular young player, and so on.

Hoffenheim have a big week coming up, starting with a Champions League clash with Olympique Lyonnais on Tuesday. Hopefully, Nelson can show his importance to the team once again and set himself up for a big season in Germany.