Jamie Redknapp plunged new depths of ridiculousness on Sunday afternoon when he refused to believe Arsenal’s second goal was over the line despite goal technology showing it was.

Acting in his role as paid ‘expert’, Jamie Redknapp once again showed why a Sky Sports subscription is a massive waste of money at times.

While Crystal Palace can rightly feel hard-done-by that Alexandre Lacazette’s handball wasn’t spotted in the build-up, to refuse to believe the ball is over the line despite technology designed to end this sort of debate once and for all, is just ridiculous.

To compound his error, he then added that that sort of goal wouldn’t be given during a match without tech.


It was an astounding bit of ‘analysis’. For the record, Redknapp reportedly earns around  £32,000 per week from Sky Sports.

On Twitter, Arsenal fans couldn’t believe what they were hearing: