David Ospina is enjoying life in Italy so much he was the best keeper in Europe during the last round of club matches.

Yeah, I know. What?

The Colombian, who struggled to make anyone at Arsenal feel secure in his presence got off to a shaky start to life on loan in Naples, but has gradually grown into the role.

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Although he’s only kept one cleansheet in Serie A, he did help shut out Liverpool in the Champions League, which many in Italy expected as they hailed him as a good luck charm ahead of the match.

As you can see from the above graphic, Alexandre Lacazette was one of the best two forwards across Europe over the last week.

The Frenchman, who is still being ignored by Didier Deschamps, has five goals and three assists in 10 games this season, despite averaging less than 60 minutes per game. That’s a direct goal involvement rate of one every 72.5 minutes.

To put that into perspective, Lionel Messi’s DGIR with Barcelona over the course of his career is 76.45.

But sure, Didier, it’s not personal…