Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Premier League goalscoring tally so far is setting records, after his double against Leicester on Monday.

Aubameyang is now up to 16 league goals since joining Arsenal in February, despite dropping to the bench in recent matches. According to Opta statistics, that scoring spree gives him a minutes per goal ratio of 104.6, which is the best of anyone in the competition’s history (minimum 10 goals).

It was impressive when Aubameyang was scoring so many goals per minute at the end of last season, but the question was whether he could continue to do the same from the start of the new campaign. Plenty of players have strong starts but then drop off in their second season after joining a club.

It’s a question the striker is answering emphatically, as his current form is actually dragging down his average. So far this campaign, Aubameyang has a goal every 102.7 minutes in the league and every 72 minutes in Europe. If anything, he’s looking more clinical as more time passes.

We’ll see if the 29-year-old can keep that up for the remainder of the season though. It’s always easier to rack up the goals while your team is playing well, but if Arsenal go through a period of poor form Aubameyang needs to keep making his chances count.