On Friday morning ‘news’ broke that Arenal had agreed an £11.5m-deal to sign Atalanta United’s Miguel Almiron.

The 24-year-old, who has 12 goals and 13 assists in 32 games for the MLS side this season would certainly have been an unexpected transfer. After all, how often does an MLS player sign for a top six Premier League side?

Still, Arsenal are in need a player in the position he occupies on the left of midfield and it seemed plausible enough for many to get excited.

As with most things like this, however, it didn’t take long for clarification to arrive, this time thanks to Almiron’s agent. Except, in this case, his ‘clarification’ cleared up little.

The above tweet, when translated, says “For Arsenal fans about Miguel Almiron. His agent Daniel Campos spoke on a Paraguayan radio. -these are stories of Journalists. There is nothing formal. The president of Atlanta talks about English offers, not Arsenal.”

The key part of that statement is where he says ‘there is nothing formal.’ This leads me to believe there indeed interest from Arsenal. If there wasn’t, why not just say that?

Throw in the Atalanta president’s statement and you have to conclude there is smoke here because there is fire.

If I had to decide one way or the other, I am inclined to think there is something substantial to this rumour. What stage any ‘deal’ is at, however, is impossible to say but for now, it is some distance from being sorted.