Tottenham have denied the cost of their stadium has risen to £1.2bn after more delays could see this season written off for the club in terms of opening their new venue.

Sources within the construction industry have claimed that the cost of the project could see Spurs paying 300% more than the original £400m-cost.

This comes down to Daniel Levy not negotiating a fixed-cost deal with the contractor, Mace.

180922 daily mail tottenham stadium
Daily Telegraph 22 September 2018

Most building projects run over schedule and over budget, apart from the Emirates but we had Arsene ‘Economic Whizz’ Wenger in charge of that. It really is a special effort to increase costs by 300%. That £850m figure in the Matt Law’s piece is also misleading as the original stadium estimate was £400m.

You’d also expect, if you’re paying around £1bn for anything, somebody would be able to give you an idea of when you might be able to use it. The management of this project has been shambolic from Tottenham and it will be fans who have to pick up the tab.

Claiming their new ground would be the only place to watch Champions League football in London this season was just a little cherry thrown from Levy to the Arsenal and Chelsea fans.