Tony Gale suggested, with all seriousness, that Arsenal fans were showing their admiration when they sang ‘Deeney, Deeney, what’s the score’ because they would really like him at the Emirates.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The former Fulham and West Ham defender now makes his living as an under-informed pundit and managed to unite the entire Arsenal fanbase with his comments during the game against Watford.

In addition to believing Arsenal fans admire Deeney, he is convinced Deeney should be playing for England (something Deeney himself seems to believe, even questioning why he isn’t picked over Danny Welbeck).

He also said Torreira should have seen red for a second yellow after Troy Deeney fouled him.

Other gems from Gayle during the match included:

  • Blamed Cech’s hamstring injury on “goalkeepers being active these days”
  • Slammed Mesut Ozil for not tracking back just before Ozil wins the ball back
  • Called Gray tracking back “brilliant to see” and Lacazette doing the same Arsenal in “full defensive mode”
  • Repeatedly talked about Sucess hitting the post even though he clearly missed the post
  • “Watford are being really physical here, Arsenal aren’t used to teams being physical with them”
  • Claimed defenders only passed back to goalkeepers because they are insecure in their own passing ability
  • Said Troy Deeney ‘almost got through there’ despite being surrounded by five defenders and going nowhere
  • Claimed Gareth Southgate disrespected Troy Deeney for not calling him up but had nothing to say about Deeney slating Welbeck’s England selection, despite the Arsenal man having a far better record.
  • Made no mention of Will Hughes 500 fouls that went without a card

Arsenal fans, however, were having none of it…