The Sky Sports score centre app malfunctioned on Friday morning, forcing Arsenal fans to relive February’s defeat to Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley.

The main hope for this first season under Unai Emery was that we could all move on from the 2017/18 campaign. Arsenal were terrible in the Premier League, knocked out early in the FA Cup, and suffered heartbreaks in the League Cup and Europa League. There weren’t too many moments worth remembering fondly.

Another day to forget was Arsenal’s trip to Wembley to face Spurs, but Sky Sports aren’t making it easy. They sent out play-by-play notifications for the match a full six months after it happened, and Arsenal supporters weren’t too happy about it:

One Arsenal fan was more sympathetic to the testers at Sky though, calling the situation his ‘nightmare’.

He has a point, since the only thing worse than constant reminders of your last derby defeat is being the person who accidentally sent out those hundreds of notifications by mistake. You have to feel for whomever is at fault here.

Nonetheless, it would be good if Sky could sort the issue out, before the entire Arsenal fanbase turns off their notifications.