Arsenal fans are getting excited over a hint from Aaron Ramsey’s agency, Avid Sports & Entertainment Group, that they’re hoping to announce some big news today.

Posting on their Twitter account, Ramsey’s agency wrote that they’re “hoping for some big news today”, along with the hashtag “AvidSports”.

It’s impossible to know whether this has anything to do with Ramsey, since Avid do represent other clients after all. The hashtag at least suggests the news isn’t to do with the ‘entertainment’ part of their agency though.

Nonetheless, Arsenal fans don’t need much encouragement to jump the gun and assume the news must have something to do with Aaron Ramsey’s contract situation:

Ramsey is in the final year of his contract with Arsenal, with his current deal expiring in the summer of 2019. As a result, the club have reportedly been in talks with him for a while over an extension, but so far hadn’t made any headway.

In fact, things seems to be going in the wrong direction, after Ramsey was left out of the Arsenal side playing at Stamford Bridge, and the media started to suggest he was stalling on a new deal to evaluate his exit options.

Hopefully Avid really will be announcing a new contract today to put that speculation to rest, but we’ll have to wait and see.