Per Mertesacker has become the latest white, single-nationality German player to deny there is any racism in the German camp in comments that are very disappointing.

Mesut Ozil charged the DfB with racism, something Ilkay Gundogan said he also suffered.

gundogan abuse

Reinhard Grindel, the DfB president admitted he should have done more to protect Ozil yet still many have an impossible time wrapping their heads around a simple concept – just because you do not see or experience discrimination, it does not mean it does not exist!

I cannot imagine that the racial accusation is justified and I also felt no racism

The fact that it comes to the bang, I was very surprised, I’ve never done so many games and shared time as with Mesut,” Mertesacker said, referring to Ozil’s resignation from the national team.

The German publication Sueddeutsche Zeitung, wrote that ‘the hardness of Ozil’s statements affected him’. “We act as a nation and national team in an openness that I cannot imagine that the racial accusation is justified and I also felt no racism,” he added.

That’s right, Per, you felt no racism. You. White, single-nationality you. This isn’t hard to understand.

Those who suffer from any sort of discrimination, be it because of their race, gender or sexuality are well-tuned to picking it up, even in its most subtle forms. Those, like every Bayern Munich puppet who has spoken against Ozil, Per Mertesacker, and Lukas Podolski who also said racism is not a problem in the German camp, who don’t experience the same discrimination rarely notice it happening around them because it doesn’t concern them.

Podolski is also a dual-nationality German but his Polish heritage is celebrated unlike Ozil’s Turkish roots.

There can be no comparison between German-Turks and German-Poles because they are both treated very differently.

Given how close Mertesacker and Ozil are, I can only think these comments will serve to open Mesut’s wounds a little further.

The entire German football world is trying to gaslight him and it’s heartbreaking to watch.