Idris Elba has made sure there’s no doubt around how he feels about Tottenham in an interview this weekend with the Observer magazine.

The man at the centre of the debate around the new James Bond is a die-hard Arsenal fan. He was speaking to the magazine in a wide-ranging interview that just happened to take place after England’s game against Colombia. Elba, like most Arsenal fans, struggled with the fact that England was stuffed full of Spurs players.

“This is England, I do it for my country,” he said. “But, of course, I’m like: ‘Urgh, fucking Tottenham’.”

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via Observer

This isn’t the first time he’s expressed a distaste for Spurs.

Speaking back in 2016 he admitted he would be physically sick if they won the league, something he won’t have to worry about.

“I’d be physically ill, literally throwing up,” he told BBC Football Focus. “They haven’t been doing that great for ages, so now they’re doing alright good luck to them.”

In 2015, Elba also told the Simms & Lefkoe podcast, “I know Chelsea fans are going to hate me when I get back to London, I don’t care, man, Arsenal are the only London team and you know it!”