If you didn’t tune in for the build-up to Liverpool’s game at Crystal Palace then you missed what could be one of the highlights of the football-on-tv calendar.

Analysing Arsenal’s game against Chelsea before the Liverpool match kicked off, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville got to into a spectacularly heated debate which saw the former Manchester United man call the former Liverpool man ‘ignorant’ for his views on Unai Emery.

Neville seemed particularly emotional as he talked about his time as manager of Valencia where he admits he tried to adapt to fit the player’s wishes and was walked all over for it. That seemed to be fuelling his defence that Emery should, under no circumstances, ‘adapt’ his style after a few weeks to please players, something Carragher was saying he should do.

Neville started his defence of Emery by basically calling all those who thought there had been no change since Arsene Wenger left ‘idiots’ and never backed down from that position. Carragher seemed desperate to disagree with Neville just for the sake of it, and was less than effective in his argument.

At one point, Carragher got so animated it seemed only a matter of time before his voice became something only dogs could hear.

This video is only a small part of the overall discussion which I’d advise seeking out.