Arsenal fans have spotted an apparent dive from new Chelsea signing Mateo Kovacic in the build up to their winning goal, and are understandably not happy about it.

Seconds before Chelsea’s winning goal, Kovacic picked up the ball in midfield, and tried to take on Aaron Ramsey. When he realised his heavy touch was going straight to an Arsenal player, he threw himself to the floor under no contact from the Welshman.

Despite referee Martin Atkinson’s great position to see the incident, he gave a free-kick Chelsea’s way. Rather than Arsenal picking up possession in the opposition half, they then found themselves under defensive pressure, and an Alexandre Lacazette mistake resulted in Marcos Alonso’s winning goal.

Though Arsenal players were ultimately the masters of their own downfall, they wouldn’t have had the chance to screw up without Atkinson’s help. Their supporters weren’t happy as a result.

As long as the likes of Eden Hazard and Kovacic keep getting free-kicks and avoiding yellow cards for incidents like this, I have no doubt they’re not going to change their ways. If it works, and gets you out of potentially tricky situations like the one above, why wouldn’t you do it?

You can’t ask players to stop doing something that wins them matches. You need the referees to make it such that diving is no longer in a player’s interest anymore. Until that happens, we’ll see the same again on a weekly basis.