Catalin Carjan says Arsenal have sent him the tickets to join them as soon as he turns 16, and they want him in the first team in just two years’ time.

Further to reports earlier this month, 15-year-old Carjan has now confirmed he’s set to sign with Arsenal in December, when he turns 16. He was speaking to Romanian outlet DigiSport about the move this week.

“It’s something else, it’s a big change and I can’t wait to go there and sign, it’s going to be much better,” he said. “I will sign when I’m 16. They’ve been watching me for more matches and that was it. After that they sent me the tickets to go to them, they told me that I was a good player and that they wanted to go to the senior team in 2 years.”

Catalin plays for Viitorul Domnesti in the Romanian third tier, and he’s already been in the first team there for a while now.

The midfielder previously had a brief trial with Arsenal, but he picked up an injury and had to be nursed back to health by the club. Nonetheless, he clearly impressed during his time on the pitch, and earned himself a deal to join when he’s old enough.

The youngster also had a trial with Inter Milan a few years ago, and was followed by Manchester City as well. He’s represented his country at u16 level in an international friendly, and hopefully has a bright future ahead of him.