Lucas Perez has posted a farewell message to Deportivo La Coruna, after returning to Arsenal for pre-season after his loan spell in Spain.

Writing on Twitter, Perez said his goodbyes to his former club. His loan officially ended in June, and clearly the Spanish side decided not to take up their option-to-buy next season.

That’s likely more to do with their relegation to the second division, and the financial restrictions that creates, than because they didn’t want to keep the forward. As a result, Perez made sure to apologise for his part in that disappointment.

“I didn’t know how to address all of you, but I think it is necessary to say goodbye,” he began. “As with all Deportivo fans, these weeks have been very hard for me. I could never imagine that the relegation would happen.

“Neither the city nor the fans deserve this and I ask for forgiveness from anyone who has been disappointed with me. Things do not always work out the way you think, but if something is clear to me, I will never regret wearing your shirt.”

Perez went on to talk about his memories with Deportivo, and to encourage his former side not to give up on returning to La Liga. He then added a message of thanks to both his loan club and his parent club, Arsenal, for their understanding in the past few years.

“I just have to thank all those people who believed in us until the last day,” he wrote. “Also the club, Deportivo, for allowing me to fulfill the dream of my life, and Arsenal, for always being sympathetic to me.”

It seems that the way Arsenal dealt with the situation has won Perez over, after a very mixed first season with the club. They allowed him to go back to Deportivo, to try and achieve his dreams, and, since it didn’t work out, they’re giving him another chance in North London.

Hopefully the Spaniard can prove in pre-season that he’s worthy of the opportunity.