Arsenal have signed another key member of the Port Adelaide fitness team.

Physio and sports scientist, Tim Parham, who was in charge of Port Adelaide Power’s rehabilitation programme, will join Arsenal at the end of August. He follows in the footsteps of Darren Burgess who left Port Adelaide for Arsenal last July.

“It’s obviously disappointing, the timing, but ultimately he’s going for an opportunity at a world-class club on a world stage,” Port Adelaide manager Chris Davies said on Saturday.

“The AFL’s soft cap means you can’t compete from a dollars perspective with some of these big overseas clubs and I know his wife was keen to also work over there, so it was a great fit for him, disappointing for us but a good reflection of our program that we’ve got high-quality people working in it.

“Tim came to Port Adelaide when Burgo did so I’m not sure what role Darren had in the decision-making process but no doubt Darren will know what he’s getting when Tim gets there,” Davies added.

“We’ll be able to maintain it for the rest of the year, we’ve got enough good people that can do that now but for 2019 we’ll have to replace the role.

“From our perspective, Mackas (Ian McKeown) has done a good job in conjunction with Stu Graham (head of sports science) and also Tim O’Leary, our head of medical services, so we’re comfortable with where they’re at at the moment.”

Parham worked for Port Adelaide for almost four years, starting there in November 2014 and working alongside Burgess. He previously worked for GWS Giants, and the South Australian National Football League.

He holds two degrees, one in Physiotherapy and another in Applied Science (Human Movement), Exercise and Sports Science.

Tim can be followed on Twitter here.