Jamie Carragher will return to Sky Sports for the new season after serving a suspension for spitting in the direction of a 14-year-old girl and her father who had been goading him after Liverpool lost.

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Daily Mail, 3 July 2018s,

The former Liverpool man, who is reportedly on a ‘final warning’ is widely seen as one of the best pundits on TV but he can be considered more than a little fortunate to be given a second chance, even if he is on a ‘final warning’.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys were sacked for comments they made when they believed they were off air.

While we are often quick in modern society to condemn people beyond the point of redemption, it’s hard not to think that Carragher has got off incredibly lightly.

Spitting in football is seen, by many, as worse than breaking a player’s leg. The level of disrespect it shows opponents rankles the English media perhaps more than any other on-field action.

That being said, had Carragher done this while playing, he would have served a suspension and returned to playing. People would not have been calling for him to be sacked as a player.

There are two types of people in this world – those who think to spit at someone when they get annoyed, and those who don’t. Carragher has shown himself to be the former, but we can hope that he has learned his lesson and sought some sort of treatment to uncover the reason he reacted so aggressively to what was, at its heart, a harmless bit of ribbing.

Whether he has or not, he will not be allowed to forget this incident, especially on social media and that, perhaps, is more than enough punishment for him.