Aaron Ramsey is making good use of his time off away from Arsenal, with his Instagram story revealing he’s saving trapped ducklings.

Whilst some Arsenal players prepare for the start of their World Cup campaigns, or head off around the world on expensive holidays, Ramsey is living life a bit differently. His Instagram story shows his struggle to save a brood of ducklings trapped in what appears to be an empty swimming pool, eventually releasing them into a nearby pond.


One detail you might miss if you were focusing on the little ducklings, is that Ramsey is wearing Arsenal shorts in the video. With all the speculation around his future, it’s nice to see he’s representing the club even on his days off.

Ramsey regularly takes an interest in animal welfare. In the past he’s tweeted out to raise awareness of the ivory trade, as well as posting a tribute to Sudan, the last male northern white rhino.

Clearly the Welshman is one of the good ones, and hopefully he agrees to stay on at Arsenal a while longer, as I’m proud to have him with us. Plus, of course, he’s having a great time on the pitch as well.