Arsene Wenger admits he can’t imagine life without football anymore, and fully expects to return to the Arsenal stadium he helped to make a reality at some point.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Wenger admitted that first things first he needs to take a bit of time away to get some perspective. Whatever he decides to do next though, he knows it will be something in football.

“I cannot imagine life without football,” he said. “Even if I don’t work I will watch football every day. That will not change.”

When asked whether he would come back to the Emirates Stadium, Wenger responded: “Of course, why not? First of all I have to decide what I do in the future and take a bit of distance because the intensity I’ve had over the last 22 years demands a little bit of reflection.”

Obviously Wenger’s ability to regularly return to the club depends on the outcome of that decision process. If he ends up as the general manager of PSG, for example, he’ll struggle to sit in the stands and watch Arsenal every week.

Still, he has high hopes for his team and his club, and thinks they can still come back to win titles.

“I always felt that after 2016 that the club would be in a financial situation where we would compete again,” he explained. “What I could not predict is that clubs would move up another level financially that makes it more difficult now.

“But I still think Arsenal will come back and compete for the championship.”

The Arsenal manager has now taken charge of his team for the final time in North London. The Gunners still have matches against Leicester City and Huddersfield Town next week, but no more games in the home he built for us.

Hopefully both the club and manager will find even more success in the future, whichever direction they both go in.