Unai Emery has confirmed he will become ‘part of the Arsenal family’ on his official website, pre-empting any announcement by Arsenal.

The message wasn’t up on his personal website for long before it was removed but it hints at a massive change in how things are done at Arsenal, who are a notoriously cautious and private club.

Emery even comes with his own Twitter account and we can perhaps expect a loosening of Arsenal’s media death grip.

emery website annoucement
via www.unai-emery.com

Although this could be the work of hackers, it seems unlikely given the timing and the fact that most in the media expect an Arsenal announcement this week.

Emery has reportedly signed a three-year contract with Arsenal.

Tuesday’s Le Parisien wrote that Emery took a private plane from Le Bourget to London on Monday morning, and agreed a three-year deal to take over the club. They say an official announcement and press conference will take place in the coming days, or even as soon as Tuesday (which didn’t happen).

Either way, they’re certain the appointment is ‘imminent’.

Interestingly, they also write that Emery’s PSG contract doesn’t officially end until 30th June. I’d imagine that’s just a technicality though, and Arsene Wenger’s deal was probably the same.

The French club have already announced Thomas Tuchel as their new manager, so clearly we’re not waiting around for those old contracts to expire.

The whole process clearly moved very quickly, as just seven days earlier Emery was telling Spanish outlet Cadena SER in no uncertain terms that he had no offer from Arsenal. Although, he also admitted he was open to one, so this was always a possibility.

Now we just have to wait for that official announcement, and then the usual transfer nonsense can get underway in earnest.