Unai Emery could make Steve Bould and Jens Lehmann the latest staff members to follow Arsene Wenger out of the club, according to a report.

The news comes via The S*n, so right from the off we should be cautious about how much we read into it. They claim the five backroom staff members Emery plans to appoint would fill the jobs Bould and Lehmann were hoping to occupy, leaving them with no choice but to find a job somewhere else.

It’s true that the assistant roles appear to be going to Juan Carlos Carcedo and Pablo Villa. Meanwhile, Javi Garcia will replace Gerry Peyton as goalkeeping coach. If Bould and Lehmann were hoping to take those two jobs, then the above report is probably accurate.

However, they must’ve known there was a strong possibility Emery would bring his own men. There’s no reason why the pair couldn’t take other coaching roles at the club. It just depends whether they’re willing to accept those roles, and of course whether the new head coach wants them around.

I don’t see why Emery wouldn’t want some help bridging the gap between the Arsene Wenger era and the new one though. We’ll find out in the coming weeks.