Arsenal face Atletico Madrid in Spain on Thursday, in arguably the biggest game of the season for Arsene Wenger’s side.


Last week, Arsenal couldn’t take advantage of their extra man at home, and ended up with a disappointing 1-1 draw. It means Atletico have the advantage going into the match, as they only need the game to remain scoreless and they’ll be through to the final.

On the other hand, if Arsenal get a single goal, the game swings back in their favour. At that point any draw or win would be enough to at least force extra time, if not qualify in 90 minutes.

The task is therefore simple: Score. It’s better to concede one and score one than doing neither; Arsenal can’t afford to sit back and hope for a goal.

So how will the manager set up his side for the weekend, to try and ensure victory (or a high scoring draw) against one of the toughest defensive opponents in Europe?

Let’s try and work it out…

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