Zeljko Buvac has left Liverpool due to the illness of his father rather than because he is set to become the new Arsenal manager.

The links with Buvac really took off on Tuesday when it was reported that he had left Liverpool.

Coming out of Bosnia, it was claimed that he had agreed to join Arsenal however it looks more like he has left Liverpool temporarily for personal reasons.

His father is believed to be seriously ill and Buvac has reportedly travelled home to spend  time with him.

This explanation makes a lot more sense than reports that he has agreed a deal with Arsenal.

Buvac has been at Jurgen Klopp’s side for 18 years so it is incredibly hard to believe that he would walk out of the club two days before their biggest match in a decade.

Add to that the fact that it is highly unlikely that Arsenal would insist he quit his post ahead of such an important match, and it becomes clear that only personal reasons could have driven him away before the Champions League second leg against Roma on Wednesday night.

That’s not to say the links with Arsenal are not true.

Buvac can be both on personal leave and coming to Arsenal at the end of the season, but a move to the Gunners is not why he has left Liverpool this week.

However, it does mean that we should not read anything extra into his position at Liverpool at present until more information is available.