The ‘Official Launch Video’ for the Arsenal 2018/19 Home Kit has leaked, according to Footy Headlines, who posted the video on their YouTube channel.

Footy Headlines continue to get in ahead of the official Arsenal website on every piece of kit promotion the club does, and next season’s strip is no different. We’ve already seen pictures of the kit, pictures of the players in the kit, and now we have a promotional video for it:

Footy Headlines claims this is the ‘Official Launch Video’, although we have no evidence to back that claim up just yet. This could just be one of many kit launch adverts, that they’re calling the official launch video to get clicks.

There’s not much doubting the video’s authenticity. It’s clearly produced professionally and contains a couple of first team players. I’d expect more screen time for Aubameyang, Özil and Lacazette for the launch though, since they’re the players who will really sell kits.

As for the kit itself, the video confirms what we’d already seen in pictures. It hasn’t drawn fantastic reviews from fans so far, but supporters are clearly hoping for a switch to the likes of Nike or Adidas at this stage anyway. By the time the team is out there in the kit next season, I’m sure it’ll be good enough for the majority of the fanbase.