The season is at an end finally but there won’t be much of a break over summer thanks to the World Cup!


I have the printable wall charts you’ve all been asking for ready for you to download and print out at home!

As always, there are several different version of the design. I went with a Russian theme – of course – and made red, blue and white designs with various combinations. You can go all red, all blue, or have a white background with either of these 2 colours combined.

The info on the wallcharts is standard – kick off times, locations, empty spaces for results and knock out stages.

All times are BST (or as I call it, London time). At the bottom, there is a calendar for the whole month during which the World Cup is on, and indicators showing how many matches are on every day so you can plan your holidays around them.

Just click on image to access the full size version, save and print!

All wallcharts are printable in A3 or A4 and look great when released into the real world. I suggest you print them on a slightly thicker paper, especially those with the colour backgrounds.

I apologise in advance if there are any typos or mistakes, there was A LOT of info to include

I hope you like them and will use them. Make sure you tweet me a photo @arsenalofka! And if you’d like to say ‘thank you’ in other ways, perhaps consider supporting the site via Patron.

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1. Red

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3. Blue on white

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4. Red on white

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