Huddersfield fans have been warned that they face losing their season ticket if they are caught selling their seat for Sunday’s game to Arsenal fans for a profit.

With the final game of the Premier League season also Arsene Wenger’s final game for the Gunners, demand for tickets couldn’t be higher.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner report that some tickets are already being sold for more that £200 each with around 50 for sale on Ticketbis, ranging from £186 to £216 in both the home and away stands.

Huddersfield have already made it known that Ticketbis is not an official channel for selling tickets and that fans face losing their season tickets if they are caught ‘profiteering’.

“This (Ticketbis) is not an official site,” Sean Jarvis, commercial director for the Terriers said last season.

“Do not use. If SC (season card) holders are found to be using as a reselling tool they will have their card rescinded.”

A club spokesman confirmed that this is still their position, saying, “Our position remains unchanged; anyone found to be reselling tickets through any other means than Terrier Exchange will have their tickets/Season Cards revoked.”

Huddersfield’s ground only holds a total of 24,500 people. Their away section can hold up to 4,000 fans.

Tickets are usually priced at £30 for adults, £20 for over-60s and £15 for under 18s.