Santi Cazorla has confirmed that he does not know what his future holds as Arsenal have yet to offer him a new contract.

Out since the end of 2016, the Spaniard made a surprise appearance on the pitch ahead of Arsenal’s first leg against Atletico Madrid.

Heading back to Real Ovideo for treatment between the fixtures, he was then spotted pitchside as Arsenal tried to make up for their first leg clusterf**k.

Santi’s contract expires this summer and it’s understandable that Arsenal have not yet offered him a new deal given there were serious doubts about his ability to play again.

Speaking to Cadena Sar, Cazorla said, “I finish my contract in June and I do not know anything about my future, everything will be seen but for the moment nobody has offered me nothing in Arsenal.

“Back to the Spanish League? Well, I only think about playing the game right now.”

Just over a week ago, Cazorla said he was hopeful of being back in training in two weeks. He told the press: “Yes it feels good. I hope I’ll be back in full training in maybe two weeks. It’s a challenge, but a positive one.”

Arsene Wenger, however, didn’t seem quite so optimistic.

“He feels well,” the manager said. “But he needs a full preparation and pre-season to try to come back.

“Will he come back, and where? I don’t know. Will he stay at Arsenal? I don’t know.”

It’s unlikely that we will see Cazorla out on the pitch until 2018/19, but even a return to full training is more than many of us expected.

It’s been 554 days since his last match, or, if you prefer, almost 100 games.