Mikel Arteta’s former Everton teammate Tim Cahill says the Spaniard has earned the right to a chance at Arsenal after all the work he’s already put in.

Speaking to beIN SPORT, Cahill argued Arteta has done the right thing so far by getting out into the world and getting some experience at the top level. He thinks the 36-year-old shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to the Arsenal manager job.

“The best thing for him is, he is out there learning his trade,” Cahill said. “He’s out there putting in the hours that count. But he is taking it so seriously within himself and he’s got great pride, understanding of the game, the tactics and knowledge.

“When you talk about Mikel coming into a club like Arsenal, who he has already been a part of, already knows the background, already knows what it is all about, he is not someone you would not put in the frame.

“The piece of the puzzle comes with what the coaching team is going to be. And that is pretty much the secret to most successful managers around the world.

“Can he do it? I’d never say ‘no he can’t do it’, but if the opportunity arises then it is definitely something as an individual he has to look at because he has earned that right.”

Cahill isn’t the first to give his backing to Arteta. Pep Guardiola said his opinion of his assistant was ‘overwhelming’. Mauricio Pochettino reportedly asked Arteta why he wasn’t going straight into management when the player decided to work as an assistant at City, as the Spurs boss felt Arteta had the qualities to succeed in a top job.

Arsene Wenger echoed that sentiment, also claiming that Arteta has everything he needs to be a successful manager. He argued that the experienced staff members already at the club will make up for the fact he hasn’t managed before.

Now it’s just down to whether the Manchester City Assistant Manager can convince the Arsenal hierarchy. If he can, then the fans have no reason not to back their new manager. If he can’t, then we’ll move onto the next name on the list.