Hector Bellerin is not thinking about a move to Juventus or Barcelona, insisting that he is happy at Arsenal in his second interview this week.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Bellerin said, “I’ve got a long contract, I have been in London for a very long time, this is what I call my home right now.

“There is nothing else I am thinking of, for the summer. We have the World Cup, I don’t know if I will be called up or not [to Spain], that is something we will need to wait and see.

“If I get given the chance then I will be really happy for it. Apart from that I am sure I will be coming back here next pre-season.”

Speaking about next season and Arsene Wenger’s comments that this team has a ‘special quality’, Bellerin added, “We feel we have the potential. I think we know it when we play together and when I see all my teammates in training, I feel we are not where we should be.

“That can be due to so many reasons we need to find out and work on them. I am sure we will do. When he [Wenger] says that, I can see the potential we have as a team.

“Player by player, we have so many international players, players who play very well with their national teams and I think he is right.

“He is right in terms of as a dressing room and off the pitch, we have very good people who are always trying to help each other, when new players come when young players come from the youth teams.

“You have players giving out the right example and it is great to have that in the dressing room.”

Earlier this week, Bellerin also did an interview with Goal saying many of the same things. “I don’t know what to say – football always changes. I’m so happy here,” the 23-year-old told Goal.

“This has been my home for seven years. I sound like a Londoner, my friends are from London – it’s the place I want to be right now.

“In the future, you never know. Obviously, I grew up in Barcelona, and when I watch them play I want them to win. The team are always going to be in my heart.”

Speaking recently in a video for Arsenal.com, Bellerin confirmed that he would like to take the number two shirt at the club next season.

At the time this video was filmed, it seemed clear that Bellerin had no intention of leaving, but that did not stop the papers running with stories about Arsenal being in negotiations with Juventus to sell him for £50m.

While many believe that Arsenal should sell the young Spaniard and use the money to allow the new manger to reinvest in the squad, it seems more than a little foolish to sell a player deemed good enough for Juve but not good enough for Arsenal.

I mean, only an idiot would do that, right?

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Anyway, Bellerin also addressed his own poor form and that of the squad as a whole in his interview.

“At the beginning, I was someone who was doing really well,” continued Bellerin.

“Then when things started going not that well, everything was just negative, negative, negative.

“As a team, if you don’t have the best season, it doesn’t help…It’s been a tough one.

“We were doing well until November. We always have that period where we suffer a little bit. As a team, the most important thing is results. If you can win beautifully like [Manchester] City do – even better.”