On Friday afternoon, a number of Arsenal coaches were released from their contracts after some worrying allegations came to light:

According to the report in the Islington Gazette, Steve Gatting and his assistant, Carl Laraman, have both been placed on ‘leave of absence’ after reports of bullying young players.

A source told them, “They are under investigation for complaints of bullying.

“That’s why Kwame did the U23 final. I’m surprised more people didn’t pick on the fact he did the final instead of Gatting and Laraman.”

The other coaches who have been released are not connected to these concerning allegations. It has been known for some time that Petyon and others would be leaving with Arsene Wenger and today (Friday) was the last session at Colney for the season.

When the Gazette contacted Arsenal for a statement about the allegations, they were told, “We have suspended two coaches and launched an investigation following complaints from some players.

“These are private matters and we will not discuss any further detail.”

Further update: