On Saturday, Tottenham Hotspur’s chances of winning a trophy this season came crashing down with a 2-1 defeat to Manchester United at Wembley.

At this point Tottenham Hotspur are very likely to make it 11 years without a trophy, depending on the date of the League Cup final next season, but you wouldn’t know it.

Spurs last lifted silverware in the League Cup in 2008, beating Chelsea at Wembley.

That day ended a nine year wait for a major honour, but now Pochettino’s side have topped it by going a full decade without silverware.

Yet papers like The Guardian are writing articles entitled “Pochettino’s success at Tottenham cannot be judged on trophies alone”. I don’t remember them ever giving Arsenal that kind of leeway.

When Arsenal went six years without a trophy, it was a major story. The Daily Mail wrote an article entitled “six years and counting” and they were far from the only ones.

Two years later and the likes of the Telegraph were rounding up all the silverware former Gunners had picked up with their new clubs since Wenger last won anything.

When Mesut Özil joined the club, we had months of stories about how he could help end the drought.

Rival fans shared the “SinceArsenalLastWonATrophy” website on social media hundreds of thousands of times.

Then, before the counter ticked over to nine years, Arsenal picked up the FA Cup. The focus should’ve shifted to another club, but it didn’t.

As long as Tottenham keep ‘putting the pressure on’ the clubs that actually win the silverware, that’s good enough. As long as they finish above Arsenal, that’ll bring in the clicks anyway.